Fr Thomas Hopko

This series is a free online version of the classic "Rainbow book" series by Fr Thomas Hopko, former Dean of St Vladimir Orthodox Seminary. It offers a clear and concise introduction to the Orthodox Church.

Welcome to the Orthodox Church

In this series Khouria Frederica Mathewes-Green offers helpful introductory videos about the Orthodox Church. What should you expect on your first visit? What is the nature of the Divine Liturgy? ...and many more fruitful questions are explored!

Pray the Jesus Prayer with us

Our community prays the Jesus Prayer ("Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner") every opportunity we get. This version was brought back from Russia by the sisters at St Paisius Monatery in Safford, Arizona. Put this in your headphones while working, driving, or any other activity!

God Saves!

​"​A man does not save himself from a flood only God saves. God is the Master of the clouds and the tamer of passions.​"

​St Nikolai Velimirovitch​